Akrobatik: No Losses

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Akrobatik: No Losses

Yo, one one time, I was, I was talkin to my man
My man Beatbox Prince right?
He was explain this situ-this situation that he was in
And he was like, "Yo Ak, if I don't
if I don't handle this situation right here, I lose."
And I thought about that
Cause yo, I ain't tryin to lose, check this out

Aiyyo 5 A.M., still wide awake
Can't sleep a wink I'm contemplatin moves to make
Daily situations got me in a effed up state
I need to overcome the stress and hold my own weight
I wonder how many of y'all truly know the pain
of a ghetto superstar who can't afford to ride the train
Fifty million things is goin on inside my brain
but yet and still heads say I'm gassed if I slip and forget they name
Workin forty hours puttin up with bull{shit}
When my label stressin me to stay consistant with lyrics
It's pressure but realistically this here could solve my problems
and enhance my wins column, but one thing
If my lyrics ain't tight, I lose
Don't blaze the set all night, I lose
Can't maintain and pay dues, I lose
And yo I ain't tryin to lose (uh-uh, never catchin L's)
Fame, glamour and glitz
It's time to start savin, and buildin on some grown man {shit}
Yo, I need to see "The Light" like Pharoahe and Common
and get off this diet of greasy-{ass} pizza and ramen
So I keep my music tight, and stay on the playlist
Not because I'm gleamin simply cause I'm bein creative
And I can't front, it's easy to make a joint from the heart
when every single {fuckin} thing around you's fallin apart
So as the record spins, my trance begins
I grab the bull by the horns and the shark by the fins
When Kris, Rakim, and Chuck was speakin I was listenin
So let this rebel's "Lyrics of Fury" enter your skin

If the lyrics ain't tight, I lose
Don't blaze the set all night, I lose
Can't maintain and pay dues, I lose
And yo I ain't tryin to lose
I refuse to take a "L"..
I can't take no "L"..
Don't need to take a "L"..
Yo Akro refuse to take a "L"..

(yo yo, no I ain't tryin to lose)

Reachin daybreak, you never know how long that may take
But I know it will take longer with too many mistakes
Earth be on my back like don't depend on rap
Son it ain't guaranteed so watch how much you spend on that
And I'm bright yo, I wanna go to school, and back that up
But I owe my school grands and yo they don't give a {fuck}
So now it's time for go for delf I'm hittin the road
and stackin papers makin the name Akrobatik explode
So, don't be upset when I come to your town
And tear the walls down with sound cause we all gon' get down
I'm comin out the blocks to win (win win)
And drop gems that's refreshin like oxygen (gen)
So any obstacle or impediment
I treat it as a test to just how strong I represent self
I won't chase wealth but make moves that lead to it
I ain't tryin to reminisce on how I blew it, yo

And if the lyrics ain't tight, I lose
Don't blaze the set all night, I lose
Can't maintain and pay dues, I lose
And yo I ain't tryin to lose
I refuse to take a "L"..
Don't need to take a "L"..
Yo I can't take no "L"..
Yo yo, and I ain't tryin to lose "L"..

{*cut and scratched: "cause I'm in it to win"*}

[Dialogue from "The Devil's Advocate": Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves]

"What did I say to you? WHAT WERE MY WORDS TO YOU?
Maybe it was your time to lose. You didn't think so." -> Al

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Akrobatik: No Losses

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Akrobatik: No Losses

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Akrobatik: No Losses

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