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Anouk: Today

Who will keep me warm, now he's away?
'Cause I have torn about everyone
Who reached out for me
I am sorry I have left you, a broken man
But if I had a heart I'd cry out loud but I cant
Baby don't you walk away
I have been so alone
Lighten up my night and day
Here comes the sun today
there will be no remorse at all,
Come what may
Find us a very crowded place to stay
We'll be making out on the dance floor
Have sex, do some drugs yeah lets rock n roll
Today heeey ey
Today heee hey
Tell me where and when
We'll meet again
Cause I just begin to long for you
And the flesh you wear
And everything will happen
if you only give me the word
cover up my eyes because the sun is
shining too bright
Today there will be no remorse at all
Come what may
Find us a very crowded place to stay
We'll be making out on the dance floor
Have sex, do some drugs yeah lets rock n roll
Today heeey ey
Today heee hey
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Anouk: Today

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Anouk: Today
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Anouk: Today

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