ArrDee: Cheeky Bars (Pt 2)

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ArrDee: Cheeky Bars (Pt 2)

It's a real spill
ArrDee, you already know the deal, hey
Look, uh

You see me smiling 'cause I'm cheeky
But I'm smiling trhough the pain
I can speak on it for days
Was on my knees up in the rain
Not a penny to my name
Darlin', shit, ain't always lit
And I weren't always legit, ah
From kid, I have been a little shit

The picture wasn't perfect, it was worth it though
It made me who I am, so if I win, then I deserved it
Mother put the work in, I can see it now I pree it
It was me, my mum and brother, made it work with what she's earning
I flipped a bit of weed, couples G's were kitty serving
When you grow up by the sea, all you see is nitties lurking
I can tell you bout my teens
As a kid, I always wanted more
I just didn't know it at the time
I used to rob the corner shop for a couple sweets
Was always playing out, weren't sitting playing PS3
010 I met my dad
Always heard that they could see the man in me
I didn't know the man he was
The more you grow the more you know I s'pose
School, I didn't like it, still I got my grades
I'd smoke a zoot to start the day, the gally knew I'm always blazed
Had this chick up in math
She was baffed I passed the test
You ain't revising
You're sleeping in the class and writing bars
I had her smiling
See I ain't ever tried, I put trust into the timing
Used to watch my mum grind before I knew about the grinding
Why I never rest, how I live my life it can get tiring
I can never slow down tryna secure the bag
So I put in the graft, I ain't sitting on my ass
Putting in a shift, make a hits or filling up my glass
I see the fakeness in their eyes and they ain't gonna last
She see the greatness in my lines like I just done a halfie
Naughty ArrDee
Been an azbo with the lads when he was thirteen
See I was good at heart, but the cards I'm dealt were dirty
Trust, mad snakey
But life ain't fair, it be more about what you make it
Saw my chance, I had to take it
My heart, they had to break it
Countless times they stabbed my back so I can take it
My ex is mad, the sex is madder, have to face it
I get it off my dad the way I'm always off my face
It's bad
If you seen what I have, you'd do be same
I never had no plan
Up in my town, we getting waved
How we getting through the day, I'm a chav, baby cakes
Used to cool off at the skatepark, but we weren't ever skating
The way I got from there to here's amazing
I never had shit and it weren't given, I was taking
Come from the bottom how I know I gotta win
This music, it's in my blood
I got it tatted on my skin

Ha, ArrDee
ArrDee, ah
Ha, remember the name
Comin' for them, you know it
Yeah, I'm out

Autor tekstu: ArrDee
Data dodania: 2023-01-26
Tekst dodał: Rappppp

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ArrDee: Cheeky Bars (Pt 2)

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ArrDee: Cheeky Bars (Pt 2)

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ArrDee: Cheeky Bars (Pt 2)

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