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Asia: Arena

You can take it
If you want it
You can break it
If you need it

I'll never fight another day
But you can take the flesh not the soul away
They're calling from the lions den
They're fighting for the ghosts of holy men

Into the arena we climb
We look to the sky
Into the arena we climb
You and i

Is it over
When the light goes?
Bella nova
Tell me who knows

Scars will beat the minds of men
Can you feel the thorns upon the skin?
I'll never fight another day till i die

Yes i hear you
Yes i see you
Yes i feel you
And i need you

Is it over, i'll never fight another day
When the light goes?
But you can take the flesh, not the soul away
Bella nova, they're calling from the lions den
Tell me who knows?
They're fighting for the souls of holy men

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Asia: Arena

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Asia: Arena
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Asia: Arena

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