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Astronautalis: Short Term Memory Loss

your turning off your course again
the fall would killa stronger man
with hungry headlights closing in
st john is looking pretty welcoming
death is always closer than you think
hes closer than closer than your friends and things
we drove that car into a full on spin
i wonder it just how would it feel if we dove on in
i caught a glimpse of my screaming friend
when my sound cut out... i swore she was laughing
shattered lights spiral and blur on in
and then rain sang along to her freckled skin
the city's just a smudge on watery lense
i couldnt helo but helpless so i kissed her again.

turn it off and walkaway
dont look into those waves
youll never be the same again
and we all suffer short term memory loss
from time to time

you got him jumping everywhere across the gaps and stairs
embracing every nick and cut and jammed fingered face plant it's
he doesnt care for good repair soak up the sun and air
chipped a tooth to feel the truth breaking every bone he cant mend.
the bloods the thing that drives the dream that makes him think he can fall off
the bloods the thing that boils to steam that makes machines out of our hearts.
the tires breathing out like moms and troubled teens.
with secret smoke breaks balancing between showmanship and discovery
mr. mellow drama is over there "covering things"
directing traffic, mumbling, like "move it along nothing to see"
its such a funny dream its such a sight to see
honking horns and doubled breeze, matthews bridge in a watercolour dream
and im just standing there shifting in my skin
sift through grate below, fall to the rivers wash, taste the blood
embrace my breaking bones
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Astronautalis: Short Term Memory Loss

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Astronautalis: Short Term Memory Loss
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Astronautalis: Short Term Memory Loss

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