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Atmosphere: God Loves Ugly

God Loves Ugly
i wear my scars like the rings on a pimp
i live life like the captain of a sinking ship
the one thing that i can guarantee
i'm like a stepping razor, i suggest you stay fair with me
been payin dues for a decade plus,
before that i was just another face on the bus
tappin my foot, to the beat on the radio
dreamin 'bout the mic and the money and the ladies
oh mom, i promise im gonna be large
someday im gonna stop tryin to borrow your car
gonna go far, with charisma and skill
until they put my face on a million dollar bill
atmosphere, its just a ten letter word
discretion is the name of my cement-feathered bird
and if you didnt hear, fuck whatevers heard
i think you got the sickness i suggest you get it cured
caught up in the mix, of a bottle full of fix
im gonna hobble down the street 'til i reach knob creek
its not that i dont like you, i just dont wanna speak
you fuckin freak
now keep your days out my week
the world keeps a balance, through mathematics
defined by whatever youve added and subtracted
im pushin on the hammer, to trigger the brain
embrace how i live it, god loves ugly

god loves ugly...

once upon a time in minneapolis, yo
i damn near had to steal the show
i stepped on the stage, who is it?
my names slug ive come to kill a couple minutes
whats up with the way, that everybody gathers around each other
so they can steal each others sound
if its all about gettin down with the get down
how long i gotta wait for these fools to sit down?
appears more clear in its simplest form
nobody sees tears when youre sittin in a storm
abandoning the norm, and handling the harvest
measuring the worth by the depth of the hardships
i welcome all the hatred you can aim at my name
i held on to the sacred ways of how to play the game
when the soldiers started runnin short on rations
i began tappin the egg, to spark the hatchin
make it happen
and take this captain to the gallows
i keep steerin us into an area thats shallow
talkin to my shadow, he advised me not to worry
he said i should plant my tree and let it rise out of the fury
so give me some light, a little love and some liquid
im gonna creep through the night
and put a plug in the spicket
and when the water grows
and the dam starts to overflow
ill float atop the flood, holding on to my ugly


why scream, when you can lose yourself inside the wide-screen
let life be a bowl of melted ice cream
or be the deer thats caught in my high beams
im rollin with the lights on, scared stiff
reality is just too much to bear with
paranoid, walkin around careless
no wonder youre in love with your therapist
go to sleep my little time bomb
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Atmosphere: God Loves Ugly

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Atmosphere: God Loves Ugly
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Atmosphere: God Loves Ugly

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