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Bad Examples: The Secret Of Television

Bad Examples
Cheap Beer Night
The Secret Of Television
You and me - let's join the enemy
Fly to paris, plan a bank robbery
I've got the tickets, let's pick up some cigarettes
Grab your jacket, the wind is blowing cold
I've got this contact, he's ready for action
We've got to cut while the knife is still sharp
Crime does not pay, but this time it's different
One week in france and count your money in the dark
Don't try to tell me you never dreamed about it
Don't try to tell me you never wondered how it felt
The world is full of dreamers... it's the secret of television
I don't want your television i want real bullets

Just our luck -- we were born in suburbia
Raised on sunshine and white bread sin
I think it's time we got some dirt under our fingernails
I think it's time we got some blood under our skin
I got this cancer burning inside of me
9 to 5, income tax, taking their toll
Get you some heroin, get me a prostitute
We'll sleep much easier with evil in our souls


What if we die? that'd be a pity
It's been years since i saw you this young
Maybe we'll take our share, run to venezuela
Buy a fleet of jaguars, race 'em in the sun

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Bad Examples: The Secret Of Television

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Bad Examples: The Secret Of Television
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Bad Examples: The Secret Of Television

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