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Bahamadia: Wordplay

Peep my credentials involving instruments
Rhymes massage the cells in your mental
Relieves you off the babblin' that you used to
Ever since the departing days of the juice
Crew, my style been milk like a bottle of Yoohoo
Was neva MC Monkey, see Monkey
Do I move through baby, real natural pose for "Illadel"
When I gets lyrical ou-ou like Cool Cee used to do
I make the kids wanna Rah
Like Afu shouts to Mecca 'cause the planet's mad
Digable allow me to pause
And hit the Mork nanu, nanu, wordplay
My aura is psychedelic flow
Non-prehistoric metamorphic boric like acid
No hat tricks, a classic, so park that ass like Jurassic
And check the matrix completed like seven
To overshadow the triple six
Complimenting zig-a-zicks with wisdom
Like the 5 percenters when doing mathematics
Flips scripts like acrobatics intrinsic in rapping
Like insulin to diabetics, text is didactic
With nutrience like muslix on wax flex facts
Like hydraulics when vexed to catch flicks
By Mira max or Kodak
I looks beyond the door like 100x for wordplay
Breaks out analogies like pollen do allergies
Got the vocab like the Fugees to collect gees top
Bill like Bellamy shocking hardcore headz
Like electricity cuts come complimentary of jockey
Sean-Ski, yo, vocally B A H A M A D be easy
Like Moe-Bee raps react radio act like DJ Ran
And Colby to the Roots like Malik B.
Flows pose as noise reduction on MCs
Like Dolby down by law like felonies
Catchy like T-B Essential
To the elements like Ceceley with wordplay
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Bahamadia: Wordplay

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Bahamadia: Wordplay
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Bahamadia: Wordplay

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