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Bainbridge Merril: Garden In My Room

Bainbridge Merril
The Garden
Garden In My Room
There's a garden in my room
Would you like to take a look
There are fascinating things you'll find there
If you dare to come inside
There is nothing I will hide
Come where there is sweet perfume
In the garden in my room
There's a garden in my room
It has apples sweet and ripe
If you'd like to have a taste I'll let you
Cherries red as they could be
Such amazing things you'll see
Everything is in full bloom
In the garden in my room
It's not far I can take you there
Where the air is cool and dry
Lay your head on my flower bed
And I promise you will never
Ever want to say goodbye
There's a garden in my room
Would you like to take a look
Rest your body on my velvet roses
Once you've tasted my delights
Many days will turn to nights
There is nothing you won't do
For the garden in my room
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Bainbridge Merril: Garden In My Room

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Bainbridge Merril: Garden In My Room
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Bainbridge Merril: Garden In My Room

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