Beefy: Chun-Li

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Beefy: Chun-Li

Yes, yes! Scotch tape...and Beefy.
We're gonna be your best friend on here, while we talk about the greatest--
Greatest Women in the world!

She is known as the strongest female in the world,
There is never enough time to prepare for this girl.
Inter-Pole investigator baby searching for clues,
Her father's death is the reason she's in your base killing your dudes.
Gen reveals to her all about Shadaloo,
Cept there is a guy named M. Bison who probably needs a talking to.
So she went up,
And climbed up to leader,
Surprised when he could fly,
But more surprised when he beat her.
She swore vengeance on that day,
My friends she made it a pact,
And thats' a lot to care on such a soft and pretty back.
Got in contact,
With the Air-Force,
And tamed up with Charlie,
Until a broom head named Guile tried to ruin her party.
He said 'Charlie's coming back with me right now and that's an order!'
But she stood up to the man like the Mexicans crossing the boarder.
And like my brown people Chunners got her ass kicked,
Little did broom head know that the Air-Force got tricked,

Shadaloo has connections coming out of their ass,
So Chunners figured that she could end all the evil with a blast.
She laid some C-4 around the building at 5,
While Guile and Charlie went inside take down the cycle drive.
But a problem arrived.
It seems like Bison got the drop,
On Guile and Charlie before they could make the stop.
Bison would have killed Guile if Charlie hadn't come to rescue.
He said in a Mickey Mouse voice, 'GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE MY FRIEND, I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU!'
Reluctantly Guile fled in the midst of battle,
And he scooped up Chun-Li like a horse padded with a saddle.
Related the events and after Dudley they decided,
That Charlie knew the dangers of the mission when he was invited.
And no one came running out the door,
So we have to assume that Charlie is no more.
But that mother f***er Bison is still running the streets,
So we'll have to fight him there to show him we're the elites!
Yes, yes!
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Beefy: Chun-Li

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Beefy: Chun-Li

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Beefy: Chun-Li

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