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Benefit: Super Mario Bros.

borrow my car..
then u giv it a test..
what the mario test?
mario? marios a fucking psycho
(verse 1)
Its 1986 im in the first grade
im workin real hard to get mario laid
i gotta save the princess so we can get the pussy
believe me!!
mario will get that ass so fuck luigi
mario really wants to get her in bed
so bad that hes busting off bricks with his head
he just wants sex so forget the wedding bells
jumping on little mushroom men and turtle shells
dropin down green pipes and secret passage ways
makin his move to the end were the final castle lays
eat a magic mushroom n' grow a little higher
eat a white flower and spit balls of fire
all these creatures that attack him cut mario slack
oh shit hold on ill be right back
im gonna beat the game if it takes me all summer
it gotta be hard to get laid if your a plumber
thas y im a werk extra hard fo muh man
and get into the end so we can stop using his hand
mario dosent wanna get hit he'll shrink
the princess wont fuck a little kid..i think
so stay grown and attend to yer own
and eventually the princess will attend to yer bone
(chorus x2)
save the princess quick, because she wants the dick
and if you let her free u'll get the pussy
(verse 2)
Bowser's tryn to get hed rite now from the princess
buh if its up to me..that what will stop this instince
cloud people thrown little spiked animals
green plants that with teeth attack like cannibles
i heard no body jet runnin in the princess's oven
mario alway seyz "virgins i love em"
i hate the cooper troopers
soon im gonna run up n jump on the back of theyre sells
till get one of em
im gonna keep playin
n im never gonna quit
cuz sum kid at school told me "u can c the princess tits"
i wanna be there before any of my friends do
so i can say i put pussy upon marios menu
at the end of each level i jump n get the flag
sey to myslef another castle in the bag
i hope Bowser's ready cuz hes in for a ride
n mario is serious when it comes homicide
the princess is a freak even though she has class
mario will take a plunger n put it in her ass
i hate the canons that shoot at you constantly
n i hate the platforms that fall out from below me
its all worth while
jus to see mario smile
stand next to the princess butt naked profile
thas why it's my crusade to get mario laid
super mario brothers best game ever made
(Chours x2)
save the princess quick, because she wants the dick
and if you let her free u'll get the pussy
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Benefit: Super Mario Bros.

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Benefit: Super Mario Bros.
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Benefit: Super Mario Bros.

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