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Big Ed: We Some

[big ed]
We some mob niggas
Bust your ass out your hilfigers
No limit mercenary killers
We some thug niggas
We some tru niggas
What you wanna do nigga
Stomp your ass till your black and blue nigga
We some mob niggas
Bust your ass out your hilfigers
No limit mercenary killers
We some thug niggas
We some tru niggas
What you wanna do nigga
Rowdy rowdy bout to act a f**kin fool nigga

[crooked eye]
Stick em up, how you like establish 98
Big ed is the assassin, with a fresh cut cake
No shakes, bet these mob niggas can't wait
For sausa teach the hits from the south to the yay
Lay em down, military minded made niggas
Low to the last don still up we paid niggas
Grave diggers be nothin on gods earth that bleed
Stay tru to the game and keep close my enemies
Pushing crates and tapes all across the states
It used to be d, but now it's street rap cd's
With made niggas, highly paid niggas
Killers on the payroll, so step nigga, roll niggas
Put a hit out on me I put one out on you
You test one of my soldiers I take your whole crew
Banana clip in, bavgate and sausa
Commanded by the colonel p, don't like it we lost ya

[big ed]

Nigga I say shit like dips quick to empty out clips
Big ed and steady mobbin f**k up your block in one dip
It ain't no stoppin cause we military minded niggas
My first phrase as a kid was momma pass the trigger
The captian of this tank no limit soldier up in this bitch
Making moves with my thugs nigga I plan to be rich
Tatted up strapped tight with tek 9's and glocks
I'm hittin switches in the four nigga make the front hop
So nigga how many niggas wanna ride with me
I call my niggas when my enemies collide with me
Tank dawgs be the niggas that would for die for me
Cause nina war make them hollow tips fly for me
Steady mobbin got the ghost town riders
And nigga I'm tru for life, so can't nuttin come beside us
The colonel got the tank bustin on you niggas
Ground troops of war got killers dumpin on y'all niggas


[billy bavgate]
Bavgate screaming mary jane when I mob
Nigga point to the west like sadaam
Rowdy like the ? ? ? , nigga off the hook like a baker
Ghost town niggas keep one up in the chamber
I lived rough as a youth when I was growing up
Tryin to come up I hit a lick on a cigarette truck
I ain't giving a f**k
I'm gettin loose your main mafia nigga in the movie
Big ed pumpin lead till they dead
I'm a gangsta gettin watched by the feds
Bavgate gettin high till my last day
No limit soldier till the comet hit the motherf**king bay
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Big Ed: We Some

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Big Ed: We Some
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Big Ed: We Some

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