Big Pokey: Cash

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Big Pokey

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Big Pokey: Cash

Yeah (yeah), H-A-dub-K (H-A-dub-K)
The Hardest Pit in the Litter, they been waiting on this here
Broke niggaz, get somewhere, cash rules
Everything around us, understand me, what

[Big Pokey]
Cash rules everything around me, I'm a grimy nigga
Patience is a virtue, I call it timing nigga
I get 4 G's around me, 14 for criming
On the phone my dope is ice, I'm 14 and diming
I'm on ladder stairs climbing, fatigue ain't nothing but army clothes
I know my win right, I gotta keep grinding
As long as my figgas is climbing, I'm bout my pay-day
I get mine wrapped, either the yay-way or the AK-way dog
I'm a hood nigga, I'm getting it how I live and
Pay my ties, so I get it back how I give
Now they wanna hound me, majors wanna sign me
Niggaz say they love me, but I think they wanna down me
Y'all know where to find me, swimming in money
Cinnamon honey 600's, linen and honeys
I got mo' raps than mummies, I'm trying to get a car bar
I got mines for sale, who wanna bar raw

[Hook - 2x]
Cash rules everything around me
Deep in the slums of the South, is where you'll find me
Use to try to clown me, didn't hang around me
Now that I'm rich, all these hoes wanna hound me

Cash rule everything, from lump sums to petty change
From who-do's with bang, to big rims on a Range
I'm true to this game, like Michael Jordan is the hangs
I will do anything, to satisfy my hunger pain
Now way back in the game, nobody gave H.A.W.K. props
Rolled around in drop tops, and pass me up at the bus stop
Now thanks to hip-hop, I'm in a drop top playing hop scotch
I hit a switch and the trunk pops, and bleed y'all day block
For Fat Pat I won't stop, until the world body rocks
And retail shops and mom and pop's, all H.A.W.K. is sold out
For all those who had doubts, look how I turned out
On Yokohamas I burn out, know what I'm tal'n bout
Getting cash is in me, I'm trying to get that Bentley
I want quarters nickels dimes, and I'll even take pennies
Now they green with envy, and I want 'em all to know
Money over everything, even that busted hoe

[Hook - 2x]

[Lyrical 187]
Strapped with heat, to knock the dragon off his feet
Take his iron, burn my name up in the streets
90 days 3-65, the grind don't never stop
Niggaz still out here hustling, niggaz still bleed the block
Can't quit we stay paid, kids gotta eat daily
Circle through big figgas, skeet me up the highways
Y'all said I'd never make it, I stay put it on your grave
Till I die I'm making feddy, trying to fill up a plate
With a home on the range, in the hills of Spain
Naked hoes rolling doja, while I'm holding a range
Never change, I remain to stay ready for whatever
Got a brand on my chest, that's gon be with me forever
Get paid, that's how I was brought up
Never knew how to do nothing else, so I guess I'm just stuck
In the slums in the Dirty South, trying to be a ghetto superstar
Want the big macs and Bentley cars, still in the hood
Still put it down, still don't bar

[Hook - 2x]
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Big Pokey: Cash

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Big Pokey: Cash

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Big Pokey: Cash

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