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Bjork: Car rhymes

Are you on your way? Yes my dear Right this minute Hi-You've a new car? You're really great And very cute To be inviting me It's absolutely perfect If it snows We've plenty of Snow-chains to get us Safely all the way My dear Dori My big and strong He drives so well Though the road's not wide Wow! There he is! Yes Cool! It's Ford Model Nineteen -Hundred- And-I-Don't-Know-What- I step inside On wings of love I fly To Mosfellstown searching for adventure With my big handbag I lean on Dori Seat-spring's pricked me in the worst place! That's how things are suffered But I'll be better soon My Dori will make sure of that Chain broke under the car Crawl under the car, Dori Try and hurry up Are you crazy Oh my God! There you've torn my stocking! My dear, seriously I'll never Again go out with you alone I swear I've never in my life Ridden in such a car Oh now the tire burst and the noise! And in the end it runs into A heap of mud
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Bjork: Car rhymes

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Bjork: Car rhymes
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Bjork: Car rhymes

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