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Blue Rodeo: Florida

And I remember Florida
The land of endless malls
Images of Elvis flicks
Convertibles and blondes
And I remember crying
As you walked away along the shore
The last words I heard you say were what a bore

And I remember drinking
In those air-conditioned bars
Putting all my quarters in a juke-box
With big silver stars
And I remember Nat King Cole
Singing a song about the rain
Oh I'm feeling blue again
Oh yea I'm feeling blue again

And it was just like a vacation
And I'm sure we had us some fun
It was just like a vacation
And I swear we even sat out in the sun

You see my mother owned a trailer home
On west Broward past A1A
And to beat the north wind
We took a spin
To that tin can by the sea
Well I thought she was mine
But she was just passing time
She even passed out of town in my car
And left me with Nat King Cole
And the silver stars
Oh Nat King Cole and the silver stars

And it was just like a vacation
And I'm sure we had us some fun
It was just like a vacation
And I swear we even sat out
Yea I swear we even sat out
Yea I swear we even sat out in the sun
In the sun
In the sun
In the sun
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Blue Rodeo: Florida

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Blue Rodeo: Florida
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Blue Rodeo: Florida

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