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Cavo: Let It Go

Wait it out till the light
Take a breathe, say good night
But don't ever go away
Wait around to find the time
Only you can take what's mine
But don't ever go away
I'll be waiting', I need to let it go
Fade it out into the light
All these years we never get it right
I need to let it go
No more reasons to defy
That I believed that you were mine
I need to let it go
A chance to change or stay the same
One night with out the blame
That don't ever go away
Only you can make it right
To walk away with out a fight
But don't ever go away
I'll be waiting, I need to let it go
Fade it out into the light
All these years we never get it right
I need to let it go
No more reasons to defy
That I believed that you were mine
I need to let it go
I wish you'd let me go
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Cavo: Let It Go

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Cavo: Let It Go
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Cavo: Let It Go

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