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CDB: Don't Stop

Glide With Me
Don't Stop
Don't stop, keep it goin now
Don't stop, don't stop just keep it gon now
Don't stop, just keep it going on

Brother I never knew that things would come our way
Thinkin about back in the day
The way we always used to say, don't cha know
Every day, I don't know why, but I'm thinkin' about yesterday
It's okay but I remember, I remember

You better move quickly
Got no time to sit around
You better move quickly
Or else you're gonna go down
You gotta go your own way
Doin' whatcha like
Don't stop keep it goin on alright alright

Nobody said it's wrong doing what you like
As long as you're strong they can't mess
With the dream that's in your mind
Every day I don't know why but I'm thinkin' about yesterday
It's okay, but I remember, I remember

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey ya don't stop!
No ya don't quit!
Hey ya don't stop!

See now ya never can know what can happen next
So I wrecks and cash cheques and then wonder who's next
I try and do everything I can but there's always some man
Trying to destroy the plan, damn!

So don't stop just keep with the flow
And let them all know you will never stop the show YO
Haven't you heard the word about the kids 'round town
Rollin with the sound that makes you get down

(Repeat Chorus until end)
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CDB: Don't Stop

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CDB: Don't Stop
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CDB: Don't Stop

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