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Ceaser: Ana Nomaly

Ana Nomaly
Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly
One two three four
One two three four

You turned out to be just a little cynical
Impolite and, oh, most of all
You can swear
My girl, everywhere you go I'll be
Ana Nomaly

You have proved to be just a little difficult
Had me amazed, messed up for days
You've got the mood swings of a small volcano
My sweettooth, what is it with you
And me, Ana Nomaly
If you go, stay out of the flow
With me, Ana Nomaly

Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly
Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly, Ana Nomaly

Life turned out to be just a little difficult
Impolite and, oh most of all, so unfair
My girl, you are everywhere
I see, Ana Nomaly
In delight, gonna be alright
With me, Ana Nomaly

Ana Nomaly
One two three four
One two three four
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Ceaser: Ana Nomaly

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Ceaser: Ana Nomaly
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Ceaser: Ana Nomaly

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