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CeCe Winans: Worthy

Lord you're worthy. Oh so worthy. (Repeat 6 times)
And oh my soul, you have not been left alone.
For He counted us worthy, so let's be worthy!
Just trust and know you're strong enough to carry on.
He counted us worthy, so let's be worthy! Oh my soul.
Your name is written in the Book of Life.
Keep walking in dominion and His might.
You serve the Son, you serve the One
Who knew you long before you'd begun.
And you are worthy, you are worthy!
Go ahead and encourage yourself.
Look inside and draw from the well.
The water flows and Heaven knows
That you can't make it on your own.
He said you're worthy, so let's be worthy!
So a man thinketh, so does he believe.
Faith is not about what you see.
It doesn't matter how you feel.
His Word is right, His love is real.
He said you're worthy, so let's be worthy!
Don't worry, be happy and just say
The light is gonna lead me all the way.
Speak with authority and see
That even your words are victory.
So say you're worthy, say you're worthy!
For God so loved the world
He gave His only Son's life
So that two milleniums later
We could go walking in that Light.
So that nothing and no one
Could separate us from that right.
Let's be worthy, let's be worthy!
Oh the winter winds are blowin'
We know that Spring is soon to come
And we sing a song of Summer.
Lift our voices as one.
He has made us worthy, He has made us worthy! Ohhhhh.
And we will walk in Heaven's glory
For we know the King is soon to come
And we will sing a song of triumph
To the Holy One.
Singing Lord You are worthy. You alone are worthy. Ohhhhh.
I lift my head. I lift my hands.
I lift my heart. Now I understand.
You counted us worhty, so let's be worthy!
And oh my soul, you have not been left alone.
For He counted us worthy, so let's be worthy!
Just trust and know you're strong enough to carry on.
He counted us worthy, so let's be worthy!
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CeCe Winans: Worthy

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CeCe Winans: Worthy
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CeCe Winans: Worthy

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