Cephalic Carnage: Anthro Emesis

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Cephalic Carnage

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Cephalic Carnage: Anthro Emesis

Perverse the earth, with your greed and disgust
Intervals of sodomy you are Tiberius
Imperial debauchery, raping the sons of man
Ruled his world with tyranny, his conquest just began.

Concubines of erotica, sado-sexual friezes
Apocalyptic perversion, bulimia orgy
Decrepit senile leader would spend his final days
Doused in emesis, for five years he would train Caligula
Heir to the throne, excessive sexual traits
Unleashing torpid emissions, into his servants everyday.

Practicing carnal lust while in Capri
Caligula learned the laws of blasphemy
To rule with an iron first
Convinced Marco to asphyxiate
Tiberius with his cum stained sheets.

Gaius new Caesar of Rome.

Raped at birth sacred curse, gladiator man of force
Bred to kill, elegant, incestuous tryst for months and months
Impregnating his sister young, to conceive a pure bred son
But he couldn't wait, engorging the unborn.

Pickled fetus worshipped
Divine mongoloid
Was fucked in effigy.

Murdering the wealthy
Spending up the coffers
Depleting the reserves.

Exotic animals, slain into extinction
To appease the plebian scum, in public view
Caligula would be anally-intruding Druisilla
While being copulated by a mighty slave-gladiator
The massive crowd ejaculate in approval.


In the arena, they had no rest rooms
Forced to defecate on their seats,
Filling rows in the stadium
The stench of perspiration and feces fills the air
Choking from the fumes, orgy of thousands coitus as a victim dies.

The days festivities are done until tomorrow's battle, the arena is cleared
The slaves that clean the theater, find corpses
Rotting fecal decay slipping in pools of sperm
Fall to their demise, special gutters guide the semen out
Dripping on worthless scum, resting outside.
Drunk getting stoned.

The dead are gathered, raped one final time
Decimated senators, penetrated from behind
Hot pokers inserted to the anus of the faltering whore.

Left to die, the starving feast
Induced vomiting the king will finally sleep
After a hard day of imperial sodomy.

The next day in the arena, the carnage starts again
Out of the dark they step into the light
Blinded by the sun, as they prepare to fight.

Tolmai its didaskien
Who dares command me?
I'll execute all who defy!

Caligula perverted the earth, learned from Tiberius, the anthro-emesis
Stains the mind of youth, leaking into the future
But I think were pretty tame, history shall remain
Have we learned from our past, or will this be our fate?
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Cephalic Carnage: Anthro Emesis

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Cephalic Carnage: Anthro Emesis

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Cephalic Carnage: Anthro Emesis

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