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Charli Baltimore: N.B.C.

This is the way it should sound Intro: Cam'Ron (Noreaga) Ya heard (what what) Yo B, we don't even like half these faggott niggas anyway (what what what) I'm on my own muthafuckin' wheel (yeah, what what what) You know what I'm sayin' The real shit, you know B My black family (what what what) Slick Finga (clah clah clah) Harlem World eatin' (yeah yeah) Charli Baltimore (what what what) Nore (yeah yeah what what what) Cam'Ron nigga (yeah yeah) Killa Cam nigga (what what what) Yeah yeah yeah yeah [Cam'Ron] Yo, all around I rip this The song had to clip it The cats in the street, nearly killing over snippets Birds out to feed 'em bread, so he can eat her head I'm almost 21, but I still pee in the bed Had to flead the FED's, all be trife And I got a crush on Edith (who, Archie's wife!) Yo not Monaghomy, pornograhy On the outside, lookin' apauled you see Tell my girls, I really like photography On snap shots naked, the wildest boys First night, head whop, and our salads tossed While you in a mean neon, I'm with Celine Dion Throw her in the bed, she the next one I pee on Say what bitch Phase two Yeah yeah What what what What what What what what What what what What what what Split that ass yo Split that ass Yeah uh, what Yo yo yo [Noreaga] Yo, N-O-R-E eatin' Fuck ya'll, niggas get hurt You know I rock a Soul Train wit' a Cam'Ron's shirt Doin' cartwheels, all my niggas got Hot Wheels You a double A-R god, the bluntiest You know we throw away, blunts for my niggas that's dead Pour a Law Liqour, drink a long ligga Then again I never beat, for my nigga Digga You know I got, navigators, so we won't get lost N-O-R-E eatin', these Queens niggas call me the Force At the airainment, Thugged Out Untertainment, throw around and fuck 'em if the judge say shit And I - get - what - niggas face it [Charli Baltimore] Fools ain't ever know, the ghetto's be the baddest click Charli's Angels, tangle with Devil's - Advocate Hoes mad cause our pussy's got the fattest clits It's estatic shit, how we gon' have a bitch Under pressure, the Un undress her That's a tester, that's just the best flirt, to the best skirt Ever make it to networks Like N.B.C., N.O.R.E., B'More and Cam'Ron Anything we put our hands on, soak up like a tampon, plan on For puttin' out the hottest LP's Since - shiiit yo, you gon' have to tell me Cause this is hip hop, meneaja twat And ya'll jealous cause what I'm fuckin' wit' the two hottest Underground fellas, what! Chorus (Noreaga, Baltimore, Cam'Ron) Aye yo Iraq, Harlem World, Philly Un-shit N.O.R.E., Charli, Cam'Ron Mansons, Stasons, Richards Cali, Houston, New York Aye yo Iraq, Harlem World, Philly Un-shit N.O.R.E., Charli, Cam'Ron Atlanta, Chi-Town, V.A. D.C., N.C., S.C. [Charli] What! [Cam'Ron] Yo, all on the ballers shit Nore, but we could call a chick Head is what we all could get, biggest to the smallest dick She gon' swallow all of it Harlem gon' have a ball with that After I get her pregnant, yo we goin' to the mall with it [Noreaga] Yeah nigga, you know the lie, fuck that bitch The only reason I don't kiss her, is cause she sucked his dick Yo I don't even try ta, us up bro Fuck dat hoe Pussy stinkin' anyway, let her go [Charli Baltimore] Yo ya'll niggas stay fuckin' with them grimmy chicks On the real though, I wonder where ya'll find these chicks The rest is evident, I'm the type to split on niggas But if they right, I'll fuck around and spit on niggas And if they into that hot shit, I'll let 'em hit my spot quick But first they gotta pop shit If not then they gettin' drop kicked And I like 'em all, Black Jack ya'll Near 21, all others gettin' cut cut So be it, you see me! Chorus (Noreaga, Baltimore, Cam'Ron) Aye yo Iraq, Harlem World, Philly Un-shit N.O.R.E., Charli, Cam'Ron Mansons, Stasons, Richards Cali, Houston, New York Aye yo Iraq, Harlem World, Philly Un-shit N.O.R.E., Charli, Cam'Ron Atlanta, Chi-Town, V.A. D.C., N.C., S.C. [Charli] What! (music till fade)
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Charli Baltimore: N.B.C.

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Charli Baltimore: N.B.C.
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Charli Baltimore: N.B.C.

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