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Chixdiggit: C.G.I.T.

If I'm not important why's the only time that you phone me
is when your boyfriend's away and you're calling to say that you're lonely

You've been lying to people you knew
since you left the womb
thought it wouldn't, but then it happened to me

right away I loved your eyes and you loved my mouth
stole a bunch of your parents' air-miles and heading south

as long as it didn't come off the street
it was stuff you allowed me to eat
we had a good time then it was more than I thought it would be

now well it felt right, it felt kinda wrong
you simply wanted, we did so
I now know, when you lie, your eyebrows raise a little bit

I'm gonna put the donkey
right where the boss told me to
I don't believe, it's tough, I know, I shouldn't be
C.G.I.T. [...]

at the time I thought I was the only guy you did this with
then I found out I was a couple down on your favorites list

The bartender must be one too
cause he's throwing ice at you
I'm gonna take that as a perfect cue to leave
I guess it's as good as it could have been
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Chixdiggit: C.G.I.T.

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Chixdiggit: C.G.I.T.
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Chixdiggit: C.G.I.T.

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