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Cavo: Crash

You're a beautiful wreck now you're out of control
Crossing the double lines
You're a perfect disaster, the road to catastrophe
Don't stop for the signs
Heartbreak waiting to happen
Headlights cut through the rain
Tears hit the windshield and I can't look away
Every mile gets you further away from the past
Feels like you're shattered and covered in broken glass
And I'll be here the next time that you crash
Time turns to rust and it's hard for you to trust
Every turn every shoulder you feel
But I'm right here when it's just too much
You can let me take the wheel
Heartbreak waiting to happen
Every mile gets you further away from the past
Feels like you're shattered and covered in broken glass
And I'll be here the next time that you crash
Yeah, I'll be here the next time that you crash
I'm right here in front of you
Just ask and I'll hold your breath in my hands
And I'll save you when you crash, when you crash
Every mile gets you further away from the past
Feels like you're shattered and covered in broken glass
Losing control, can't you see that you're running too fast?
And I'll be here the next time
I'll pick you up the next time you crash
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Cavo: Crash

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Cavo: Crash
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Cavo: Crash

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