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Crazy Town: Darkside

Dreamlands of dangerDarkside pleasures Bad behaviorDreamlands of dangerDarkside pleasures At their best(X2)Punk rock, shell toes,Horns and halos.Wicked white wings and And pointed tails.Devils eyes and nine inch nailsNocturnal renegades.The eternal drug raid.I go by the name ofMr. Shifty switchblade.Getting paid in the shade,As lyrics ricochet,Off the wallsFrom the ceiling to the floor,Off the doorAnd down the hall.Im evil like KnievelKicking white trash.Psycho cerebral, palsy, ballsyBad ass.Dressed in black,From the wrong side of the tracks.Crazy Town.Yo, we strike like deep impact. (CHORUS:)Why cant you see?I cannot feel til you bringMe down. Dream lands of danger.Darkside pleasuresBad behavior.Dream lands of danger.Darkside pleasures At their best. My subconscience launches meInto evil territory.Im surrounded by VoyeursAnd crack smoking lawyers.No shame. Burnt lips,Tripping on acid rain.Legally insane, deranged,Some people never change. (CHORUS)Nasty na na, ha, haDarkside marijuana.Fueled of the drama.Drifting on the darkside.Im the black eye bomber.Do what I do on a darksideRendezvous.Raising hell, out the shell.Of fantasies I never tell.Dispersin untamed perversion.My bad brains working,Circle jerking, rocking riddles,Sex pistol, sexpertsActing uncivil. (CHORUS)
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Crazy Town: Darkside

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Crazy Town: Darkside
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Crazy Town: Darkside

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