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Daniel Amos: Faithful Street

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Daniel Amos

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Daniel Amos: Faithful Street

Faithful Street
from the album "Mr Buechner's Dream"
Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor
2001 Zoom Daddy/BMI
Have you heard about 'Faithful street'
Where the honey flows, and grace is cheap?
They've been sowing everything they reap
(so they say)

And everyone's in glowing health (Faithful street)
And everyone can share the wealth (Faithful street)
And no ones faith is ever weak
On faithful street

Sometimes it's called 'The Righteous Mile'
Where holy Joes know how to dress in style
And only perfect couples walk the aisle
(so they say)

It's in the middle of 'Beulah-land'
And if you're not a wise and wealthy man
They'll put you on the payment plan
(so they say)


A satelite manned with a mission
Moves with a delicate precision
Brings glory to our tele-vision
And calls us all to meet
On Faithful street

And if Jesus were alive and well
He'd be staying in their best hotel
He'd rest his head, and his tired feet
On 'faithful street'
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Daniel Amos: Faithful Street

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Daniel Amos: Faithful Street


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Daniel Amos: Faithful Street

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