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De Press: Reparations

Grupa De Press prezentuje utwór "Reparations" poświęcony reparacjom, których Polska domaga się od Niemiec. Data zbiegająca się z rocznicą pełnoskalowej inwazji Rosji na Ukrainę, jak mówią twórcy, nie jest przypadkowa i nawiązuje do faktu, że zbrodnie wojenne wymagają zadośćuczynienia.
Autor tekstu: Bart Dyrcz
Data dodania: 2023-02-25
Tekst dodał: klusiu

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De Press: Reparations


Never being reprimanded, never being apprehended
Due to your invasions, picture frames lay empty,
Walls disintegrated, hearts ripped out of chests,
Who’s now fixing all this? Who’s cleaning this mess?

How to value lives lost? Quantify the harm?
We’ve set up the bill, and we’re ringing the alarm,
Genocide does not have, (a) statute of limitations,
And these crimes require - indemnification.

Hitler nor Stalin would have ever been defeated,
Our world would be different, had Poles not competed,
So with misty eyes, we’ve made our price shown,
Values from the thrown all tattered to the bone,

Polish silverware and art are not in exhibitions,
But sat right on your tables. Did you get the picture?
Those who did the murders, from poverty’s their wealth,
And for those who were killed, justice will be dealt,

Tens of thousands of works of art, tons of our gold,
Went to you with no consent, never bought or sold,
We present the Germans, a bill for all our losses,
For a resolution, now begins the process,

Farmhouses burned down, towns disintegrated,
People shot to death, and cities devastated,
There’s no room for propaganda, brainwashing, or agitation,
This new generation, let them know this story!

Let history be told, to this generation,
Let history be told, to this generation

Empty words from Willy Brandt will never satisfy,
Nor will kneeling, giving wreaths, or impressions suffice,
Here is needed honesty, good will, commiseration,
Just compensation for your neighbouring nation,

Let history be told, to this generation,
Let history be told, to this generation
Autor opracowania: BARTY3
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De Press: Reparations

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De Press: Reparations

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