Dealership: Twins

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Dealership: Twins

our scented lips
are faintly kissed
i'm dreaming of sun
and you are missed
a sidewalk find
our heart's in mind
the twins are in love
and who knows why

i think of mother, father
a fine death
vicious pin pierces through their hearts
at camp at night
i'm dreaming of tumors
spying outside
to hear them speak so bold
i'll deal this time
the deck's so warm
why am i feeling giddy?

so fine, so star nine

deep in the woods
dance out of time
the thoughts we shared
of hopes sublime
we cross our hearts
and our fingers too
'cause the Lite Brite scenes
offer something true

but when they come to catch me
i lose it
it's a phase
trust us, he'll be fine
the ache inside
too jaded to feel it
wave behind through badly tinted glass
under the line, i still can't ride
so high, but who will catch me?

so fine, so star nine

(breakdown by "ba-")

the one thing that i couldn't leave and you tried to destroy
the simple smiles and hopeless crushes made you so annoyed
my innocence, you took away, and now i'm just your whore

so star nine
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Dealership: Twins

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Dealership: Twins

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Dealership: Twins

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