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Eminem: Hail Mary Remix

all i see is murder murder my mind say
left tha keys in tha van,with a gat in each hand
went up to neiceland, shot a police man
fuck a beets playin, im citizan bystand
tha shit is in my hand, here is yo lifespan
fo what yo lifes worth, this money is twice than
grab a couple grand,and live a nice land
see im a nice man, but money turned me ta shady
im thursty for this green so bad, im dehydrating
hurry up with tha cash bitch, i gotta ride waitin
shot a man twice in tha back, when he tried escaping
i want tha whole pie, i wont be denyed nathan
maybe i need my head inside straightend
my brain consaplatin,clean out tha register
quick! b4 someone catches ya
gets yo description and sketches ya
and they connect you as tha prime suspect
but i havent set ta flee tha scene of tha crime just yet
let tha keys in tha van
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Eminem: Hail Mary Remix

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Eminem: Hail Mary Remix
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Eminem: Hail Mary Remix

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