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Eminem: Rockville

Alright its my turn let me show you how I do shit
Its nothin like you guys cause I recite poetry that knowone likes
This is the night for all of us to flow to everyone and not for fun
come on now Im on its real and Ima tell you how I feel
Everyone of you punk mothafuckas see us as fake
thats a big mistake cause when your fuckin with us we cant be stopped
were on top poppin off right now whilin out
fucking with us you will be dealt with your head cut off
me and my crew arent soft you will be pissed and I also promise
to leave you dismissed along with gettin your ass kicked
were from the ROCK and where Im from you cant be seen
All of you are the downfall and you dont have the balls to come at us
Im NOTORIOUS like BIGGY and I love when fake niggas test me
I came in this game with my pockets empty and left with a roll of 20's
Theres a first time for every rhyme and every line this is mine
My 1 YEAR bid in the bin it made me a man
Doing this shit crazy while half of you amaze me
If this is nonsense to you its because you aint been through
You obviously aint been threw shit
Age 16 started hating everyone and everything cause I relized that
shit doesnt always go my way unless I got money that earns say
While the consequences every year come with fear
Cause around here you never know when death is near
This shit is really how I feel doubt me and it makes me stronger
I ts an adrenaline rush when I touch the dutch along with the mic
Around here I am well liked so fuck all of you that think Im shit
cause if there really is a real nigga Im it
I aint gonna stop till I know me and my crew are on top
of the charts and ahead of our rap game
Maintain by gettin our words of stress
Str8ght to all of your heads so you know we dont play
I pray everyday to be like me cause I know Im ready
to do this shit that I was not taught to do
My mind is my eyes that lye me to be blind
hoping to find my lyrics to make all of you fear this.
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Eminem: Rockville

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Eminem: Rockville
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Eminem: Rockville

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