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Eric B. & Rakim: No Competition

No competition
No competition
Competition is none, I remain at the top like the sun
And I burn whoever come in the chambers of torture
I caught ya, you shoulda brought ya
Neighborhood to support ya
No one in my path will withstand
Under pressure the wrath of a swift man
You name the day, the grounds to be neutral
Speak your piece, the feeling's mutual
We can go topic from topic whenever I drop it
Try to stop it
In other words, what the brother heard
He tried to catch it, but what occurred
Was too much weight for one brain to take
Try to concentrate maintain then elevate
Program an ounce from pound to pound
The matter of weight can't hold my mind down
Permanent damage, I do away with
No time for fun, cause I don't play with
Competitors, there's only one when I'm done
Competition is none
No competition
Competition is none, I'm the soul survivor
MC's get live but I get liver
It ain't a Memorex, live in concert
At every network, the R the expert
Whoever goes against causes friction
Introduction music where's the mixing
Ra will never die, tools they never try
To beat or defeat me, because whenever I
Put poetry in motion
From the Nile, then out into the ocean
Three-fourths of water makes seven seas
A third of land three-sixty degrees
I circulate and remain to rotate
Seven days a week at a quake or a slow rate
Be prepared whenever I come
Competition is none
It's no competition
Creator, the alphabets let's communicate
When I translate the situation's straight
No dictionary's necessary to use
Big words do nothing but confuse and lose
From the first step, a concept was kept
To the end of the rhyme, it get more in-depth
All thoughts I come across, my mind's the source
Made by the R, of course
Seven holes in my face as I'm lookin out my window
Speak with the beat and it seem like the wind blows
Through the speakers, I hear it so pump this
And we can fill up the whole circumfrence
With competition, on an impossible mission
Comin up with nothin, keep fishin
No runner up, just lost or forfeits
They all get butterflies, soon as the dog gets
Unlocked, lines for blocks and blocks
Might be triflin, to call the cops
Bring along paramedics
But that won't help you, not even calisthetics
I'm God, G is the seventh letter made
Rainin on rappers, there's no parade
So if you ain't wise, then don't even come
Competition for this inter mixin is none
It's, no competition
Competition is none
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Eric B. & Rakim: No Competition

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Eric B. & Rakim: No Competition
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Eric B. & Rakim: No Competition

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