Flame: Limelight

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Flame: Limelight

(Verse One)
Racism, rape victims, priest and sodomy
Street people perishing from street theology
Unlearned ministers criticize seminary
While without a vision people perish there's no visionary
First class, second class, third class citizens
First Adam sinned then all became sinner men
Sweet like cinnamon for those who've been redeemed
And sour like lemons for those who have not been redeemed
Guns cocked in politics tell me truth is relative
We live in a time better to receive than to give
Videos are raising kids, lose your life over them rims
Little homies 13 smoking them Virginia Slims
Look at the poverty, taxes are robbin' me
Jesus come father me, Honestly God there's gotta be
Some type of dodging the internet and its pornography
Callin' my Savior, my Lord, who's offering me comradery

When truth hits the block the block should respond like
"Who is Christ?" let's place Him in the Lime Light
Forget later 'cause now dirty the times right
The time is now the time is now

(Verse Two)
Horoscopes, palm readers, psychics, and astrologists
Liken themselves to havin' knowledge yet it's obvious
Post-modernism is taught in these secular colleges
Science and evolution are tryin' to find the solution
Denyin' the crucifixion, denyin' the resurrection
Denyin' the second comin', they'll die in their destitution
Picture blood drip from His pores hematidrosis
Jesus is God even demons know this
The winds and the waves even they obey yo
Death and the grave even they obey yo
Picture Him dressed in a robe dipped in blood
Eyes like blazin' fire and equipped with love
Ridin' a white horse with many crowns on His head
He's comin' back already resurrected from dead
Now as we partake of the Bread, think of the blood He shed
Picture the Passover the wonderful things that He did


(Verse Three)
According to the Scriptures concerning the day of judgement
A hush will reign and every secret made public
A just God will justify and bring justice
Either the gnashing of teeth but Jesus people will love it
And when you study them Scriptures sin and death are the effects of the Fall
And each aspect is affectin' us all
So while God's looking down we look up and we laugh
But humanity's standing under the cup of His wrath
Since we seem to be so in love with reality shows
Then why is no one open to see what reality shows
Plus it's hard for me to even see the faith of atheists
Who believe we evolved from apes, in place of His Sacredness
Plus without Christ we're a guaranteed casualty
'Cause instead of watchin' our life we'd rather watch our calories
I know the truth will irritate like an allergy
I'm just tryin' to open up hopin' to show you reality

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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Flame: Limelight

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Flame: Limelight

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Flame: Limelight

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