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Foo Fighters: X-Static

Leading everything along, never far from being wrong.
Nevermind these things at all, it's nothing.
Couldn't find a way to you, seems that's all I ever do.
Turning up in black and blue, rewarded.

All the static we all left.

Wait 'til the time has come, figure that's where time comes from.
Leaving all my senses numb, is heaven.
Lifted up the fatal scene, anything could never be.
Anything but play to me, in order.

All the static we all left.

Take it back for them to keep, fallen into something deep.
Not that I had made that leap, annointed.

All the static we all left.

Where have all the wishes gone, now that all of that is done?
Wish I would've felt I've won, for once.
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Foo Fighters: X-Static

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Foo Fighters: X-Static
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Foo Fighters: X-Static

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