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Celestial Season: For Eternity

Celestial Season
Forever Scarlet Passion
For Eternity
Pictures of euphoria in a long forgotten memory
In the fields of eternity we were
A lifetime in heavenly spheres
Utopia... we had it in our minds
The crimson sky is our guard to protect us from invading sins
Living in immortality a life in love and peace
Don't you turn away... all we need is
To stay together... forever and ever
Times of joy is all we know
Playing on grounds of imagery
Dancing on graves to love the dead
Laughing to fade our cries away...
Our wings won't break because we fly
Through eternal skies where we can't grow weary
...Our blood flows on...
...And on... we're chained... we're one
...One we are...
The truth is our weapon in a war of lies
We are the chosen ones to live in our human world
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Celestial Season: For Eternity

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Celestial Season: For Eternity
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Celestial Season: For Eternity

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