Glasspop: Too Many Reasons

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Glasspop: Too Many Reasons

I've climbed too high
fell in the swamp of snow
Salvation is at the top

So many times
I floated through
and slept on the cold ground of helplessness

Too many reasons
To slide down from the Mount of my dreams
Too many reasons fool my heart to give up

chilled lips weep
the last scraps of words
frozen hands carry the rest of hope

When it's too late to hide
When it's too late to light a fire
I have to move on to survive this night

Too many reasons ....

And when the sun is too close to my wings
Will I fall into the bottom of routine?
And when the wind chills my face

Will you understand me when I can't move my mouth?
Just one step and I'm on the other side
My love will you promise me that we’ll be together there …

Too many reasons ....
Too many reasons
Autor tekstu: Maverick
Data dodania: 2022-01-12
Tekst dodał: klusiu

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Glasspop: Too Many Reasons

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Glasspop: Too Many Reasons

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Glasspop: Too Many Reasons

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