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Good Riddance: Nobody Likes A Cynic

Because trash like you will never have
The means with which to live
In any modicum of luxury
Or vague derivative
Of comfort don stray beyond your class
Youl never crack this ceiling made of glass

Just live to work and then expire
Keep your mouth shut you might retire
With something more then debts
Stretched far beyond your means
Pledge allegiance
To the corporate machines

Don you dare step out of line
Everything will be just fine
But you better mind your place
Just learnt to be a good consumer
Youe now a number
Youe no longer got a face

Let my anger be my declaration
My dissent my participation

Resistance isn any use
Just consume, obey and reproduce
The next working class whol shoulder
Your burden of despair
Your empty cries for a living wage
Our system doesn care we don care

That our system won provide
For public health
We don care that your left
Out in the cold all by yourself
We don care
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Good Riddance: Nobody Likes A Cynic

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Good Riddance: Nobody Likes A Cynic
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Good Riddance: Nobody Likes A Cynic

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