Grace Jones: Typical Male

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Grace Jones

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Grace Jones: Typical Male

Typical male,
Thinks with his dick,

It's a continuing saga, of men with total domination,
Psycho, sexual, female manipulation,
Typical male thinks with his dick,
Thats how he [? ],
As a means of self expression and fulfillment in a world of alienation,
And emptiness and [? ],

Typical male considers a [? ] of a woman, a whore, a slut,
However he expects commitment in a relationship,
But often takes rejection,

Like a typical male,
Typical male,
Thinks with his dick,

[? ] the characteristics of a typical male are as following:,
He is a stereotypical, insulting [? ],
[? ],

Typical male,
Thinks with his dick,
Typical male listens to a woman with the efficience of dominance or privilege,
What that means for the woman, is that the typical male does not listen,
The typical male [? ] women for failing relationships,
[? ? ? ? ]
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Grace Jones: Typical Male

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Grace Jones: Typical Male

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Grace Jones: Typical Male

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