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Half-A-Mill: Thug Ones

??? swing about it
Nigga bounce quick, nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what
Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, what
Nigga bounce shit, nigga bounce quick, huh
Yo, I said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches, fuck them bitches
Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches, fuck them bitches

Aiyo, bitches support my album, why ya fack the duvet
I do three songs, should of just topped ya budget
You and got no money, like your big ass cream
I just wild out, snatch a little small ass teen
I do twelve shows, probably get twelve for each
Thirty-grand, four ???, hundred-thou' a' lease
Then I make off the woods yo, right on the streets
Put ya money up, kid you want it better or what
I'm on all labels, ??? got more than a label
I floss out, you could catch me on cable
Older bitches wanna fuck around and rock the cradle
Stick it up kid, they never wanna see me and shit
Shoot they ass, niggas wanna smoke bohemian shit
N.O.R.E, stays like the previous shit
It aint right to fuck the news, like the media shit

I'm a thug-bee, under my rug-by, and where the slug be
Greenwich streets, like nobody love me
Plus I was hungry
God they look ugly
I must confow, I thought god bless the child, who hold his own
Cuz pass the chrome
Shut up, it aint important, just let it be shown
Got up a few times, ran threw a few 'nines
Y'all cats gon do crimes, make sure you don't to time
Niggas can't stop it, it's a consignment, you want one for prophet
Boo-head and cock it
Don't put your hands in my pocket, ho mo' thugs
Comin out the ???, Im straight from the projects
Live from New York city, we aint gonna ?? Philly
That was the drilly, ya niggas got smacked silly
You too fragi-lly, live with the nine milly
I got my crew with me, big like Pun , nigga
Yo, yo

Chorus (Half-A-Mil) - repeat 2X

A party aint a party till its thugged out
Thugged out, we in the club with the 'crys and rub-out
A party aint a party till its thugged out
Thugged out, you in the club, then get the fuck out

(Kool G. Rap)
Yeah, yeah
C'mon my thugs livin with no love, we blow slugs
Hittin no gloves, fuck ?? blood
Stick dick in ya ho's mug
We cold blood, ????
Leave em callin up for ?
A thug hit the lands with jack, niggas got chandeliers on they necks
Its merry as that, fillin ?? on their backs
Now they ??sass, get your meat wrapped
Now its three less slugs that I'm seein', since you aint been back
Were now poppin the sixes, pop 'crys on the rocks with the ritzes
Have bitches glock-lock on ya crucifixes
Leavin ya crew with fishes
Went through your house and blew the misses
Guess who this is, Murder incorp rap
Leavin everything in New York, where
You rap with Half-A-Mil
Cock back and blast at will, snatch the fills
Last of the real
You kill, bust ass for thrills
That's for real
With a clean get away

Beware these thugs, beware these slugs, beware these heatas
My son rob, run for his first pair of Adidas
We thugs forever, don't believe us, pull up ya cheddar
Street sweeper bullets fill up ya sweater
This songs good, and getting better
We swallow jewels, now we shittin treasure
Follow the rules, now we rich forever
Straight through the six, and better
We were slaves on the ship together,
now we workin and getting dick sucked together
Half-A-Mill spitting g-noes, sailin the ski-boats
Taken detours, sippin 'crys, blowin out weed smoke
The bitches got me 'round, send the product out of town
The streets of half a nigga, doin life up in the mountains
Players and accountants, cash flowin from the fountains
I'll thrill em later, chicks in the mountains, chicks surround me
Its astounding, respected
Half-A-Mil thug protected, so say I'm drug connected
They murders were un-expected

Chorus 2X

Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches, fuck them bitches
Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches
Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches, fuck them bitches
Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Fuck them bitches
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Half-A-Mill: Thug Ones

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Half-A-Mill: Thug Ones
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Half-A-Mill: Thug Ones

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