Hello Saferide: Lund

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Hello Saferide: Lund

Two brothers from the south of Sweden came to
stay with me. One of them would have gotten my
virginity but he didn't know that back then, did
he! He didn't know that back then.

He went a bit rough on my poetry, said: there's
no chance in hell this will ever grow to be
anything. He said: I mostly like Dylan myself. I
said: Shocking! Well. Then he said something
else, I didn't understand. Because he came from
the south of Sweden, he spoke just like a Dane.

You should have seen these brothers! Freckles
all over their pale bodies. And when they spoke,
they made you feel like summer just broke
through though it was fall. They made it obvi-
ous I was too young, not interesting at all.

I always wanted to go to their hometown and
knock on their door. And say something inter-
esting and revolting that they'd never heard
before to make them change their minds, after
all this time: Look! There was some cool in me,
you know! They probably still won't think so.

And I'm in Lund again, and nothing's fixed that
ever was broken. And I'm in Lund again, and I
still don't get things right. And I'm in Lund
again, and maybe they have grown up and
maybe they are here because there's a glow of
spring in the hall tonight.
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Hello Saferide: Lund

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Hello Saferide: Lund

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Hello Saferide: Lund

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