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Iron Savior: Solar Wings

[Music by Hansen/Sielck; Words by Hansen]

[OK... We could make up a weird explanation of how the lyrics fit into the concept. Fact is they just don't! But we liked the particular sound of the words so much, that we decided to keep them like this anyway...]

Do you believe in the god with a twisted eye
Do you believe in hell and what's below
Facing the man with the blade and an evil smile
The innocence of madness seems to grow

And now you stand and stare and wonder
Can you believe in what you see
Is there a place beyond the suffering
If not for you, there's one for me

I'm high, I ride on Solar Wings
I'm riding, ohoo
I'm free, I ride on Solar Wings
'cause I'm riding... on... Solar Wings

A hundred years I'm riding on
I've seen the madness down below
A million miles I'm riding strong
My destination is unknown
I'm leaving from insanity
I don't believe in destiny
I'm waiting for my sanctuary
If not for you, there?s one for me

I'm high, I ride on Solar Wings
I'm riding, ohoo
I'm free, I ride on Solar Wings
'cause I'm riding... on... Solar Wings


This is the afterlife, it fills me with desire
I'm riding high, I ride into the fire

I'm high, I ride on Solar Wings
I'm riding, ohoo
I'm free, I ride on Solar Wings
'cause I'm riding... on... Solar Wings

4. I've Been To Hell

[Music by Eckert/Sielck; Words by Sielck]

[The almost perfect extinction of the human race during the savior-war has pushed the bio-unit to the edge. In deep depression, driven away from home and in the soli-tude of deep space this poor soul has seen Hell...]

I saw my children from up in the sky
Bleeding and sentenced to die
Devastation and Termination
I've been your angel of death
Watching unmoved
I've been awaiting your final breath

Children forgive me
For I've been so wrong
Fate took revenge
On all I have done

I've been to Hell
I've seen the fires burning
Oh, I saw Hell
Demons I heard you calling
So many years I've been out there alone
Broken and scared to the bone
Out in the dark
Sorrow and grief possessed my heart

Out of control
In this deadly machine
Innocent victims
Are haunting my dreams

I've been to Hell...

Endless pain
I'll never be the same

[Solo by Piet]

Light years away from home
Blood on my hands
I must redeem
I will repent

No more repoungance between the machine
And my tortured mind
Together we're strong - now we are one
One of a kind

I've been to Hell...

To Hell I have been to pay for my sin
But no more I'll burn - I shall return

Demons of darkness
You've been calling me
But I'm clear in my mind now
And I'm on my way and I am free
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Iron Savior: Solar Wings

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Iron Savior: Solar Wings
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Iron Savior: Solar Wings

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