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Kottonmouth Kings: High Society

Now don't get me wrong
The 10 commandments is cool
See, once upon a time, I too, believed in the golden rule
But the mere nation dwindle, so the saute swindle
Got tossed the fuck out the window
Ya know what im sayin'
KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, still blowin' smoke rings
Keep your head up

Its a high society

Its time for some realization, not fueled by media manipulation
But the manafestation of the last generation, legalization

Fuck your pention, if you're paid, pay attention
Teachers of this land, yo your all on detention
Ya failed to mention 'bout this everyday struggle
Brings me in a bubble, but it popped on the double
Now you in trouble, cuz im older now, im bolder now
Bitch I'm a soldier now
Been raised to blaze in this sinful place
Like a greyhound's raised to race, its a disgrace
I've seen people starved, till there's no life left
I see heads kicked in from the words that they said
Police crackin' skulls with no questions asked
A suicidal shotgun, a shotgun blast
I didn't have nothin' to do with them ho's that got popped
Didn't have shit to do with that one that they dropped
Didn't have nothing to do with the land that got stole
Believe me motherfuck, i see right through your mind control

I won't drown, drown, drown, in your society
High times, it's a high society
Lies, lies
Everyone keeps tryin' me
Why won't they just let me be
It's a high society

First of all let's get it straight
The systems full of shit
They say, 'In god we trust', your a fuckin hypocrite
Cricked politicians lying out thier ass
Money hungry horsemen behind the door smoking grass
Now trust in the nation, trust in the nation
Spending all the money on the fuckin' immigration
Walls cavin' in
It's gettin hard to breathe
51/50 what's the systems done to me
Money don't mean shit to me it grows on evil trees
Breaks up families, its more like a disease
Cuz its pention, did i mention, it's the governments invention
(dollar, dollar bill yall)
Currency, a mighty dollar
For 20 bucks, you can make somebody's dollar
Suck or hook a hollar, turn a boy into a balla
Watch his chips stack taller
Ya see its all or nothin' in this game of survival
Got hussles holdin on, to the scams that was their bible
But im viable for me to stay tribal
And keep making these flows undeniable
But its viable for me to stay tribal
And keep making these flows undeniable

I won't drown, drown, drown, in your society
High times, its a high society
Lies lies
Everyone can try me, why won't they just let me be
It's a high society
Drown, drown, drown, in your society
High times, its a high society
Lies, Lies
Everyone can try me, why won't they just let me be
It's a high society

Now a nation that's stolen can never be golden
Compassion's got truant
In the shell of modern ruin
Modern industry, the industrial complex
A system of no balance, and not enough checks
This is Brad transmitted through sex
Revalation to fruition, can you pay the tuition?
Can you make the grade? Is life really all about getting paid?
Money can't buy nothin' burried in a grave
Slave driven, unforgiven, the more you make the better your living
So its all role players playin' roles, grave diggers diggin' holes
Genetic strains passed down through years of pain
So the cure you seek for the mentally weak, is just the norm
As we weather the storm so it's conform or suffer
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Kottonmouth Kings: High Society

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Kottonmouth Kings: High Society
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Kottonmouth Kings: High Society

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