Lady XO: Backseat (feat. Guru Goldie)

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Lady XO

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Lady XO: Backseat (feat. Guru Goldie)

Yeah aye, BITCH!
Yeah wha? Haha aw shit I'm lit right now but fuck it bitch

I'm in the backseat
Ash in a napkin
He textin me
Ain't talkin to him
I be on money
You can't relate
You ain't goin to the bank
You not cashin out off plays
You not havin a good day
Bitch, I ain't ya fuckin bae
Don't be callin me names yeah
Checkin on you, you okay? Ay
Put you in ya fuckin place
You not in my fuckin way
I be known for goin cray
Talking crazy catch a fade
I just wanna get paid
All my homies be with me
All that fake
Be astray
Shit stuck on you like a blade
All I do is post up studio
Call out all these bitches you a hoe
They weren't fuckin with me back before
Now they wanna be my friend bro
Y'all so cheesy just like queso
Make em move if I say so
Where I'm from we be so cold
Bitch that's my city Chicago bitch

Ay this off the top of my head
Don't give her dick make her beg yeah
I live life close to the edge that's why I'm takin my meds yeah
Niggas is built like a egg
I'll put a crack in his head
You could be trappin instead
You won't move work cause you scared
You rather sit in the bed
I put a bitch in a headlock
She get cut off like my dreadlocks
All of my ops get them red dots
Just like a zombie get headshots
I was out runnin them bands up
Pickin up money can't stand up
We can drop 4's in a Fanta
Bitch I'm too cold like the winter

Ay I'm known for all of these bars
They tried to size me up par
Now I gotta leave a scar
Bullseye I'm scorin like darts
Sweet and sour shit be tart
Viibez be guidin yeah that part
We snatch it right from the start
Sippin henny it's galore

Why you drinking for no reason?
Ima go and get a legion
I got bitches out here leechin
Niggas out here really tweakin
I don't wanna sign no label
Big bags on the table
Hella money in the way hoe
Lil baby in the way though
Autor tekstu: Lady XO
Data dodania: 2022-02-22

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Lady XO: Backseat (feat. Guru Goldie)

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Lady XO: Backseat (feat. Guru Goldie)

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Lady XO: Backseat (feat. Guru Goldie)

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