Lennie Moreno: It's Hard To Find Your Love

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Lennie Moreno: It's Hard To Find Your Love

It's hard to find a girl,
I'm looking around the world,
My heart is ready but not a lot of could,
I'm touching a lot of wood,
Got caught up in this game, I stay the same,
But it's true it's all misunderstood,
It's maybe because my future is blinded,
Or I try to find and sign it,
I feel your mom designed it,
And mom and dad decide it,
But you got to learn just like a kid,
Just taking the chances like I did,
I'm always open, smart, ready to take the next step,
Plus I'm all set, but now my feelings are all dead,
I lost hope, like all the time,
From 1 to 59,
Connecting with my mind,
And now my pen is falling, I'm stalling,
Designing love is calling,
I'm not going to lie, I'm sorry,
To be in different places, looking for love and catching cases,
Just me and you exchanging faces: 2 fast amazing races,
Don't want to be making it disses all I see,
There's fishes in the sea.

It's hard to find a girl,
I searched around the world:
Mexico, Tokyo, Monaco and so so,
I don't know where I'll go but never on the low though.
It's hard to find a man,
Looked everywhere I can,
New York, Montreal, Germany and Russia,
Thought you were the one but then I went and lost ya.

Testing in the east n I'm squeezin in the west
Searchin for my girl n I'm hopin for the best
But then I start to stress cause I don't know how to dance
All my romance with the goddess from France
It goes down the drain when they switch it to tango
I'm left with my pain n my bottle
It's hard to keep your game when you're down n you lost her
To anotha man that don't even love her
But I keep my chin up lookin at the big butts
I ain't got the big truck, not even the big bucks
What am I to do, now that she's gone
I'm crying in my home, all alone
This ain't about a one night, I'm lookin for my soulmate
If I do this one right, she gon' see I'm so great
This is why I search the world
Tryin to find... my girl


Took a big chance, tried to find romance,
Sticking out my neck, but it's just a disconnect,
I'ma keep trying to find, not that cheating, lying kind,
With the coulda-shoulda-wouldas, I've had enough cuz
I need someone who will finally understand,
Just exactly what they've got at hand:
A real live girl that ain't afraid
To take a stand and love her man.

Let's dedicate to all of ya,
The ones that didn't work,
The ones that made me hurt and straight up made me squirt,
I want to let you know that I really wanted us to be together,
I'm feeling better,
You girls can't understand it! It's like I'm underhanded!
Be capable of sharing and caring,
And I will give all click clack six packs and all that,
And I forgot about the sex:
Got to say that it's one of the best you'll ever test!

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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Lennie Moreno: It's Hard To Find Your Love

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Lennie Moreno: It's Hard To Find Your Love

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Lennie Moreno: It's Hard To Find Your Love

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