Lil Baby: Cost To Be Alive

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Lil Baby

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Lil Baby: Cost To Be Alive

It cost to be alive
I won't say I'm king of the jungle, but, I survived
Watch the cookies crumble in front of me, at least I tried
You know what you call it, robbed what you call it?
At least he-
Since you speakin' 'bout it, you only on time because you hiddn'
Give me threesomes, she must know that her and her friends is on my mind
Ain't no secrets, I'm outside, been in street shit all my life
I know Migo wanna see me rich the day he dropped the price
They say everything done in the dark is gon' come to the light
Bro, you know that shit weren't right, I don't like hoes who live for hype
Brodie spend all of his cash on clothes, I guess he live for likes
I got so much goin' on, if I do it right, I'm lit for life
Pull up foreign, everybody glowin', if you know, you know it
Can't compete with them lil' boys
Rich for real, I just don't show it
'Round the way, they know it's me whenever they hear a lot of noise
I'm Lil Baby, so, it's only right I got a lot of toys
I'm damn 'em if they hate
Shee been stuck for a few days
These jeans cost me three K
I don't see nobody in my way
All these young niggas talkin' money, I don't see nobody where I stay
I got wealth accounts and good investments, I'm always at the bank

Yeah, I got white neighbors now, and they keep the curtains open where they stay at
Told lil' bro, "We got to fit in, go open the curtains up inside the Maybach"
We had them ho last year, she been expired, why would you date that?
Them Percs ain't even half real, them Fentanyl dog, I wouldn't even take that
Lil' bro beat the stakes, somehow his case got picked up by the feds
He a opp but he can't talk no more, he still pronounced dead
Fucked a nigga house wife ina condo, she's tryna move in it
Brother got the bowl, but ain't the kind where you put no food in it
Cost to be alive
If you go broke, you won't survive
Free Joe, I interrupted him, told 'em I'ma call 'em back, he was sharpenin' knife
Sharpenin' the fire
I know the vibes, can't let you play me like no fool
Casamigos, I let her drive the boat, you took her on a cruise
Don't care if we from the same hood
You told me like I'm treatin' you like you workin'
How you catch them cases and got out? You on front-end diversion
We hit the strip club, make it rain
My sweatshirt blue sky inn
Lil FIg, he can't cut for nothin', but he know how to shave down a pin
He know how to scratch off a serial
She rich for life if she miss her period
Mix-match Rick Owens in the mirror
Won't ever post another pic' in Amiris
He know how to scratch off a serial
She rich for life if she miss her period
Mix-match Rick Owens in the mirror
Won't ever post another pic' in Amiris

Cost to be alive
It cost to be alive
It cost cost to be alive
It cost cost to be alive
Autor tekstu: Lil Baby
Data dodania: 2023-01-26
Tekst dodał: Rappppp

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Lil Baby: Cost To Be Alive

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Lil Baby: Cost To Be Alive

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Lil Baby: Cost To Be Alive

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