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Lil Jon: Diamonds Feat Mjg, Bun B. , Big Sam - Tekst piosenki

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Lil Jon: Diamonds Feat Mjg, Bun B. , Big Sam

Diamonds in my peace of chain
Diamonds in my piece of
Diamond diamonds in my piece of chain
Diamonds in my piece of
Diamonds diamonds in my piece of chain
Diamonds in my piece of
Diamond diamonds in my piece of chain
Diamonds in my piece of chain

(Lil Jon Talking)
This shit right here (whats up)
For all my niggas in the south (ok)
Makin big dough (know what I'm talking bout)
Makin big long dollars
All my niggas in H-Town
New Orleans, Dallas Texas
Mississippi All over the south
Shit of course the ATL (All over the south)
All my niggas rockin those diamonds and pieces in there chains

Now we done talked about the pinky ring
And talked about the gold grill
So tell me
What's left to give really yo spine a cold chill
We call some call em diamonds
We call em ice
It varies in the sizes the shape
The color and the price
From canary yellow, ruby red to baby blue
One stone or maybe two
Fuck it cause we all cant be babies fool
Some of its jazzy
Some of it cant be real
Nigga say its sittin platinum
Knowin its stainless steel shit
I seen all kinds of medallions
On the necks of rappers
Drug dealers, Marks, ball players and stallions
?? shit they buy them hoes by the dozen
O.G. nigga get a new piece
Pass the old down to his cousin
Spell out your name, your corner, your clique
I know a pimp that got a piece with a bitch sucking his dick
So what you waiting for you shy men?
Come join the fly men
That'll push like hymens for (diamonds)
With perfect timing

(Chorus (2x))

(Bun B.)
Some folks'll kill to have a real diamond
You get some grade A rocks and in 20years they still shining
No need to worry, women will find em
But if they gaze at yo karrots for to long it will blind em
Cubic Zirconia helped the whole hood fine
Now that everybody can bling we having good times
I'm writing clever rhymes feeling like forever grindin
A diamond in the rough
Buff me up and hear me shine
I used to hit these streets and slang
Hussling in these peoples game
Now its just for piece n' thang
I aint tryin' to preach you man
I aint tryin' to heat your flame
I just wanna teach your brain
I'm so full of flavor I'm give some to the weak and blang
M-J- fucking G
Touch me I'm in reaching range
Lets hit the beach and hang
For pimpin ill be the blame
A ?? droppin this knowledge will help me explain
About my Diamonds, my pimpin and my piece of chain

(Chorus (2xs))

(Lil Jon)
Yea Yea
Bitch I'm coming down
Coming down tough
Bitch I'm coming down with them diamonds I'm my cup
Im shining so hard
My pinky ring done
Ruby in the middle
Got yo baby mama frozen
25 karrots in the BME piece
To many karrots in my mother fucking teeth
In my chain
Them thangs
Big like boulders
My rocks cutting up like Taliban soldier

(Big Sam)
Cause down in the dirty it aint no drama or no beef
Its all about them diamonds in yo piece I guarantee
Man I know a nigga wit a mouth full of gold
On the top he had the SOUTH
And on the bottom LIKE WHOA
Big Sam with 36 off in my chain
4? off in my wood a woodgrain
And my piece I'm bout to precious cut them thangs
With 200 thousand to make that hoe blang blang

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Lil Jon: Diamonds Feat Mjg, Bun B. , Big Sam

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Lil Jon: Diamonds Feat Mjg, Bun B. , Big Sam
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Lil Jon: Diamonds Feat Mjg, Bun B. , Big Sam

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