Lion Shepherd: What Went Wrong

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Lion Shepherd

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Lion Shepherd: What Went Wrong

What’s wrong
With this world
At each other’s throats

Do you feel this thrilling fright

for so long
we’ve been so cold
we were numb
on this throne

I want to show you different paths

when’s on efoe all and all for none
I want to ahow you kindness
in your sorrow like once I showed
courage in my own

on other’s dreams
we made it all
it seems to fall
like a house of cards

I see the boats have just arrived

so what went wrong
with this world
there’s a no light
can you see these eyes

so are you terrorized enough

Autor tekstu: Lion Shepherd
Data dodania: 2019-02-08
Tekst dodał: urwipołć

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Lion Shepherd: What Went Wrong

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Lion Shepherd: What Went Wrong

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Lion Shepherd: What Went Wrong

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