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Missy Elliott: Stickin

[missy (aaliyah)]
Uh uh (yea yea)
Uh uh (yea yea)
99 uh uh (yea yea) what you got boo)
[aaliyah (missy) - verse one]
I was in love wit you (yea)
And you couldnt do no wrong in my eyes
When I found out the scoop on you (yea)
It was still too hard for me to realize
That I needed to be through wit you (yea)
Cuz youre the reason I cant eat or sleep (yea)
All the girls you runnin through (yea)
Used to be best friends, down wit me
When Im gone, youre alone
You stickin them chickens til I get home
When Im home, youre wit me
Kissin on my ass, tryna be wit me
Well its done, this I know
Seen it for myself, ima let you know
You dont play, games wit me
But before I go, betta leave my dough
[missy - verse two]
Ima fool for you (yea)
But you seem to think my loves a joke (it aint a joke boo)
I get no love from you (yea)
Like all these times I did before
I think Ill pass on you (yea)
Because of the way you been actin lately
I get no cash from you (yea)
If you want me to stay, you must be cra-crazy
[repeat chorus]
[chorus two]
It was jus a bad relation (yes it was, yes it was)
When I think it cuts my insides
The tears, they fall deep down from my eyes
[bridge - aaliyah & missy ]
Doo doo doo, doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo, doo doo doo (wha say what, uh uh uh)
Doo doo doo, doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo (da brat)
[da brat]
I want it al from the motherfuckin house, down to the dogs
You trickin off with these chickens, I thought you aint have no flaws
Keep yo dick in they jaws, peter shoulda stayed in his draws
Now Im out the door and you cant claim me no more
The loss is yours
How you gonna slumber wit a bitch Im supposed to be cool wit
Went to grade school wit, couldnt pay me to believe you hit it
To think I footed all the bills and now you breakin ? stop accusin me of that dumb shit I dont even participate in
You wasted my valuable time theres money to make
Scared to set foot in another relationship cuz of the heartache
Heartbreak hotel no not faith, kelly, and whitney, no its brat, aaliyah and
Missy you miss me cuz we finished
Ill just keep the keys to the 20 inch rim ride with the tvs in it
You dont need it, beat it, its mine
Kiss my ass like your heart was in it (stupid ass)
Keep stickin them chickens
Send peter straight to the clinic nigga
See ima give you your props tho
You like a bad ass motherfucker
Runnin two bitches at one time
When Im flyin out, she flyin in
Sayin the same shit, spittin the same game
Who the fuck you think I am
Willy limpdick or somebody, forget you man
Thats why us bitches gonna stick together
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Missy Elliott: Stickin

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Missy Elliott: Stickin
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Missy Elliott: Stickin

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