Neal Morse: 12

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Neal Morse

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Neal Morse: 12

Twelve groups of stars (Rev 12:1)
Surrounding God's heaven
Same as the tribes
The twelve tribes of Israel (Gen 49:28)

Each hold a sign (Num 2:2)
Surrounding God's presence
Blurring the lines (Heb 9:24)
'tween here and his residence

Twelve makes a day
Twelve tones in music
Twelve months a year
Do you think it's an accident?

Christ as the Sun (Heb 1:3)
Pictures the Father
Sorrounded by twelve (Mat 23:8)
That he calls his brothers

Twelve precious stones (Ex 39:7)
Upon the Priests Ephod
Twelve were the sons (Gen 35:22)
The twelve sons of Jacob

Twelve oxen held (2 Chr 4:4,5)
In Solomon's temple
Three thousand baths
To cleanse all the Levites

Christ built his church (Eph 2:20)
Upon twelve apostles
And three thousand souls (Acts 2:41)
Were added at Pentecost

Christ built His church
Upon twelve apostles
And three thousand souls
Were added at Pentecost

And then after all,
with our backs against the wall
We seek the temple of the living God
We seek the temple of the living God
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Neal Morse: 12

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Neal Morse: 12

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Neal Morse: 12

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