NOCTURNA: Daughters of the Night

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NOCTURNA: Daughters of the Night

Fire, heir of the Phoenix
legacy of Gods
At Night we'll mourn
all the things we've lost
Bleed from within
but free of pain at last
again we'll storm beyond the darkened Halls

All things you give
they're all that you'll leave behind
within their Mind
All days you miss
never come back
but it's still as it's been

So here we are
The Failure and Damnation of the Light
And here we are
throughout the Centuries
Forgotten Hopes buried in our Hearts
So here we are

In this World without end
Under these weeping Skies
no traces left of what we used to be
A brand new Breed
Daughters of the Night
We're bringing Hell and new Light

Together stuck
on what we had been till now
Leave it behind
All things we lost
we will rebuild once again
If you're with me
Autor tekstu: Federico Mondelli
Data dodania: 2021-12-15
Tekst dodał: anmar09
Ostatnia edycja: anmar09

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NOCTURNA: Daughters of the Night

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NOCTURNA: Daughters of the Night

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NOCTURNA: Daughters of the Night

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