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Otep: Adrenochrome dreams

I had this dreamWhere I woke up To a grand commotion.And uhm I just jumped From the blanketsAnd whipped the door From its lockAnd rush blindly Into the blackness Of the hallwayBut there, on all sidesLying next to each otherWere rows and rows Of executionersSome were shirtless andAnd throbbing with anticipation.Sweat delicatley sneaking Through their body hairAll were hoodedSome like seventeenth Century guillotine henchemenOthers had crudely made hoodsLike scarecrows Or ripped ski masksWith slobber from Their clenching jawsAnd some had burlap masks That looked like they Were made of human skinEach one held a weaponLarge malletsCrudely fashioned axesAnd large clubspipesBut I wasn't compelled To retreatNoI was forced to Move between themPast their swinging weaponsThe clubsThe batsThe slicing toolsThe shovelsThe large and small axesBoards with nailsStaples and razorblades Embedded in themTaking the beatingFalling downGetting upAgain and again And again and againDriven to make it outAt any costAnd nextI stumbled into aThis strange marshy worldWhere I was oddly drowning In squirrels and other largeStarving rodentsFrom aboveOut on the treetopsSeveral dolls fell from the branchesAnd they were hangingWith nooses made of human hairThey started biting and sucking And trying to feed from meTrying to enter my belly And some pushed large needles Into my veins andAnd as I looked backSome had nails through Their hands, torsos and throatsI was frozeDead eyescarbonizedAs I kicked them awayI could see all around meOf piles and piles Of dead sea lifeLarge fish, smelly crustaceansAnd their soulless Empty bodies whisperedA secret languageI couldn't decipher But somehow understoodAnd their cries were"Feed me... feed me..."They wanted me to devour Those around themChew them up into piecesAnd smear them inside their mouthsAnd as I turned around I could see the shape of a womanPerfectPerfectly eroticSquatting over a pile Of these dead things...And as I ran to her and said "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"And she had no faceAnd she turned to glassAnd suddently crackedAnd then exploded into 1000 pieces at my feetAnd just as I took a quick breaththis world was shoved and desimatedBut an intruding tidal waveOf microorganisms, exploding atomsAnd suddenly moon rose...Frightened, aching, and alone...And that's what I remember most......The ache.I can't escapeThe ache.......
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Otep: Adrenochrome dreams

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Otep: Adrenochrome dreams
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Otep: Adrenochrome dreams

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