Outkast: Red Velvet

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Outkast: Red Velvet

[Big Boi - talking]
One more time for y'all, y-y-yeah, huh
If you didn't know you know now, OutKast, Stankonia
We shittin on everybody talkin that bullshit

[Big Boi]
Now Peter Piper picked a pepper, that was his downfall
I'm down with Dre 3000, 'cause he got my back y'all
Ball if you want to, but do it with some class G
Ask me, do OutKast got some flows so you can blast me
Nasty, niggas on the point they see you shinin
Engi-neers in the studio see me rhymin
Don't get me wrong, got four albums they consistant
You got a bodyguard, I let my nigga tote the biscuit
Twist ya cap back, you got blood off on ya fur hat
Cap, cap, ya link snap, you slump off in ya Cadillac
But what though, some diamonds and a Bentley what you dyin for
Aight hoe, I'ma bake my cheese and let my mic flow
Prioritize to live through
Tell these other niggas how you bought yo' kid some tennis shoes
Let these brothers know that your momma she got her house too
Let these niggas know that your sister will, uh, finish, college without you
I doubt you do that though,
so do this here and keep that bullshit out of our ear
You too near me to not hear me, too open conceal me
The love for the music keepin big boys spittin really

'Cause they know where you live and they've seen what ya drive
And they say they gonna put one in your helmet
'Cause you brag 'bout that watch, and all them things that you got
Them dirty boys turn your poundcake to red velvet

How can you measure a nigga by multiple figures he may got, got, got
Had he not purchased the newest Mercedes that lose it's value soon as you
drive that bitch off the lot, lot, lot
Would it still be that latest, most wanted, doggonit you want it
He got it-type nigga 'round the town, town, town
Had he not played it so flat,
he ask you when half of these niggas hurtin and workin
Would be he be found, found, found
In a ho-tel (ho-tel) ??? ???
With his dick shoved in ??? ???
Bill Gates, don't dangle diamonds in the face
Of peasonts when he Microsoftin' in the place
You gettin on my nerves, well I'm gettin on your case
Consider your surroundings or you leave without a trace


[Big Boi]
I know you got the biggest bank roll and you ballin
Follow the heater because the leader he is haulin
Ass like Juan Valdez, I think he scared
'Cause my nigga Khujo Goodie got that ??? to his head

Little did he know that waiting in the closet
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got ???
Don was the one who came in contact
With those with slow goals who prompt to sell crack
On this megaphone, hey look where I'm on
You off, he floss hard 'cause he celebrate the fact
Little bitty ???, lurkin in the closet
No matter what you call that, playboy sure got ???

[Hook 2x]
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Outkast: Red Velvet

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Outkast: Red Velvet

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Outkast: Red Velvet

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